Balancing customer branding objectives with real world sustainability initiatives.


Mediafleet & The Three Pillars of Sustainability

Like any ‘ethical company’, Mediafleet has serious ambitions to reduce its carbon output to help with climate change initiatives as set out in the goals of the ‘2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’ by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015.

This process for businesses, however, is challenging. There is no single definition of sustainability, and the act of introducing new ‘green’ initiatives could be viewed as a contradiction to what a branding business actually does. For example, supporting real sustainability means encouraging customers to consume less, and that goal stands in direct contrast to many companies’ business models, which is to expand and sell more of their product. For Mediafleet, this could mean a request for more complex vehicle graphics.



But some businesses are trying to find a balance and the creative studio at Mediafleet is here to help organisations maintain vehicle branding effectiveness but perhaps with simpler vehicle graphics – meaning less vinyl used. Sustainable vinyl is also an option with more manufacturers releasing this type of recyclable vinyl.
sustainable business practices

Mediafleet recognises that the benefit of implementing sustainable business practices can build goodwill with increasingly environmentally conscious customers and it is this business plan that will maintain our business growth whilst attempting to minimise the amount of vinyl used.



Our customers wish to engage with organisations that take climate change seriously

Mediafleet has a built its reputation on delivering excellent products and services for its customers against market leading service levels. Plus, customers need their vehicle branding to be priced sensibly, be impactful and long-lasting, after all this is an important marketing communication channel. We also recognise however, that our customers wish to engage with organisations that take climate change seriously and are taking the proper steps to reduce their carbon footprint as well as behaving ethically. This means buyers of services interrogating the service provider’s supply chain. For example, some suppliers outsource certain aspects of the supply model, but this means that they lose control of certain important green initiatives. For instance, it is very difficult for one business to dictate to another business the type of vehicles they use. You may operate a green fleet, but you cannot easily impose that policy on a sub-contractor or third party.


The Mediafleet approach to sustainability is the same approach we adopt to all aspects of our business – we identify the most important aspects and define procedures to enable is to achieve our goals. Although sustainability is a vast topic with many initiatives, Mediafleet has focussed on three important areas that significantly improves sustainability.


The last decade has witnessed a growing awareness of the need for sustainability across the worldwide automotive market. We are all now very much aware that environmental change can only take place when important blue-chip organisations address the green issues from every angle – and that is exactly what Lyreco has set out to do with their new fleet.


How we can help you

Engaging with Mediafleet provides the best solution for all your graphics needs – from creative design through to print, application and customer care – all via our range of ‘in-house’ services