Jul 21, 2021

Lyreco - Expanding the Automotive Green Agenda and Sustainability

The last decade has witnessed a growing awareness of the need for sustainability across the worldwide automotive market. We are all now very much aware that environmental change can only take place when important blue-chip organisations address the green issues from every angle – and that is exactly what Lyreco has set out to do with their new fleet.

The Lyreco group is the European leader and the third largest distributor of workplace products and services in the world. The group directly operates in 25 countries in Europe and Asia and covers 17 additional markets on 4 continents through a network of distribution partners. Lyreco has constantly adapted to the evolutions of workplace thanks to its constant focus on excellence in customer experience, strong partnerships with renowned suppliers, and efficient logistics.

Burgeoning alternative fuel technologies now allows organisations to procure vehicles that will perform their roles in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. Today, for many organisations, this means in-fleeting alternative fuelled vehicles such as fully electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles.


For the new vehicle fleet, Lyreco has gone one step further


Lyreco has engaged with Mediafleet for the provisioning of all vehicle graphics for the new fleet. Mediafleet offers the fleet market a full scope of service for all things vehicle graphics and combines this with innovation and creativity. All these elements were put to the test in the development and roll-out of the new branding for the Lyreco fleet.

Renault vans have been chosen for the new fleet and will be adorned with the new vibrant corporate branding.

Mediafleet worked with the Lyreco team to ensure the technicalities of the new branding were met. This included multiple colour checks, creative artwork, 3D visuals so the full impact of the graphics, and of course, prototyping to ensure the vehicles are exactly as Lyreco specified.

In addition to the above, Lyreco requested that the vinyl used on its vehicles should meet its sustainability goals and so Mediafleet suggested the use of 3M Envision Wrap Film – a sustainable non-PVC vinyl.


Barnaby Smith, managing director of Mediafleet said, “The 3M Envision product is excellent, offering excellent print characteristics as well as meeting the sustainability criteria. To date, fifty-three Renault Masters have been completed and seventeen Renault Master ZE electric panel vans. Over the summer a further tranche of approximately one hundred vehicles will be joining the Lyreco fleet – all branded using this environmentally friendly vinyl”.

This approach to sustainability highlights the need for organisations to take a wider view in order to extend sustainability to all aspects of automotive supply.

Barnaby commented, “In order to meet the goals of sustainability, changes in the way companies approach vehicle branding should be applauded. Understanding environmental effects of manufacturing is important, procuring alternative fuelled vehicles is also vitally important, but it is when companies like Lyreco drill down into other lesser-known green alternatives can the green agenda really be addressed.


From today, Mediafleet will be offering all organisations a green vinyl alternative in our proposals. The market can now offer this as more vinyl manufacturers are producing environmentally friendly vinyls.”

Written By
Rob Rudd
Head of Development