Tailored Rebrand

Resource and experience – Mediafleet’s secret to a successful ‘in-fleet’ rebrand

Operational Expertise & Resource

When company branding changes, which can happen for a number of reasons, two things must happen:

  1. All new vehicles must be adorned with the new branding
  2. All existing ‘in-fleeted’ vehicles must receive the new branding – not so easy and where livery providers can fall down.

At Mediafleet, we have successfully helped brand and fleet managers deliver large-scale and complex rebrands, minimising downtime and delivering nationwide excellence.

Our secret? A quick and efficient one-stop service that is the envy of other vehicle graphics providers.

End-to-end service

Our in-house design specialists guarantee creative excellence, our production team deliver state-of-the-art graphics that last, and our experienced fitting team install rebrands with accuracy and speed UK wide.

Our operations team will work with you to co-ordinate the rebrand roll-out and your assigned Mediafleet project manager will keep you appraised of progress at all times.

Proven Track Record

SSE, E.ON, Milk & More, Western Power Distribution – different brands, individual briefs but with one thing in common: solid trust in Mediafleet to deliver brand changes consistently across a range of vehicles and locations.

Our reputation hasn’t been built by accident – it’s a result of many years or exceptional work and a team of talented people that operate as one and always have your brand’s best interests at heart.

Original designs and graphics

Rebrands, whether partial or full, require an understanding of what branding works on a vehicle and what doesn’t – all with the cost of implementation in mind. We’ve the internal design talent capable of turning strategic briefs into original vehicle branding solutions all with the ‘return on investment’ at the forefront of our thinking.

This is no easy task and we’ve seen many marketing teams and creative agencies struggle to make concepts work in the real world. To this end, we’ll partner with any branding teams you are working with to make sure the right solution is always created.


How we can help you

Engaging with Mediafleet provides the best solution for all your graphics needs – from creative design through to print, application and customer care – all via our range of ‘in-house’ services