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ArrowXL takes delivery of 40 HGV Rigids from Lancashire DAF

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28th Feb 2022

Supply Chain Integration

Mediafleet takes a look at successful Supply Chain Integration and the role played by the end user organisation.
28th Feb 2022

They’ve Got the Power... M Power!

‘M Division’ sounds like something straight out of a James Bond novel. But ‘BMW M GmbH’ (to give it the correct title) is the famous tuning arm of BMW.
28th Feb 2022

Emcor UK appoint Mediafleet for their National Fleet Rebrand

Winning a formal tender in any competitive commercial environment is a great achievement, but it could be argued that when the potential client is a principal ‘corporate facilities management’ organisation, the sense of achievement is even greater.
25th Feb 2022

Medequip appoint Mediafleet to provide ‘Location Dependant Graphics’

The word on the street is that Mediafleet is providing increasingly ambitious vehicle branding solutions – and that is what ‘forward thinking’ organisations desire.
3rd Feb 2022

Global Marketing Index: A Review of 2021

2021: A strong year for global marketing budgets was led by Digital, Mobile, TV and OOH
17th Jan 2022

Mediafleet is now offering a fully recyclable fleet branding service

We are extremely excited to share important news. Mediafleet is now offering a fully recyclable fleet branding service which is available via MetaStream from Metamark UK Ltd. For those designs and materials which qualify we are able to provide a full recycling rotation for each stage of the branding process. The manufacturing waste in the form of cardboard roll cores and release liner is collected in cages, weighed, and sent to specialist paper recycling firms which are MetaStream approved. The top coat PVC which forms the branding itself is then collected and recycled into useful, second life products (e.g. traffic cones). With our payroll fitting team Mediafleet’s complete control of the branding process means that we can properly manage the collection, data analysis, and logistics with the recycling firms in conjunction with Metamark.
22nd Nov 2021

The Golden Age of Branding

Is the John Player Special Branding the Most Iconic Motor Racing brand?
22nd Nov 2021

The London Marathon - The 'Lyons' Den!

Mediafleet’s very own Mike Lyons entered this year’s London Marathon for the first time, and it’s an understatement to say he absolutely smashed it!
22nd Nov 2021

New Technology Driving Branding Design

Marketing teams are now looking to the design of the company branding to deliver high level messaging to the target audience, as ‘Complete’ has done with their new vehicle branding.
15th Nov 2021

Brands can use OOH’s ‘priming effect’ to replace third-party cookies

Using out-of-home (OOH) media to “prime” consumers can help to mitigate against an advertising effectiveness deficit in the post-cookie era, according to a new study.
26th Oct 2021

Mediafleet Celebrates 12 Years as Branding Supplier to SSE plc

16th Sep 2021

The Golden Age of Branding

There are now more ways than ever for businesses to promote their brands and ‘speak’ to their customers, but the history of branding goes back centuries.