Jan 17, 2022

Mediafleet is now offering a fully recyclable fleet branding service

We are extremely excited to share important news. Mediafleet is now offering a fully recyclable fleet branding service which is available via MetaStream from Metamark UK Ltd. For those designs and materials which qualify we are able to provide a full recycling rotation for each stage of the branding process. The manufacturing waste in the form of cardboard roll cores and release liner is collected in cages, weighed, and sent to specialist paper recycling firms which are MetaStream approved. The top coat PVC which forms the branding itself is then collected and recycled into useful, second life products (e.g. traffic cones). With our payroll fitting team Mediafleet’s complete control of the branding process means that we can properly manage the collection, data analysis, and logistics with the recycling firms in conjunction with Metamark.


Channeling all materials through the MetaStream process will ultimately prevent any waste from going to landfill or incineration, thereby ensuring that our customers can continue to benefit from dynamic branding activity within a more environmentally conscious framework.

Barnaby Smith comments:
“This is a huge step in the right direction, and it’s about much more than a commercial advantage, it’s about moving the fleet branding industry into a new generation of materials and manufacturing processes, and ensuring that fleet operators can continue to use their vehicles for promoting their products and services, but in a more sustainable way.  Mediafleet started work on this initiative during 2021, and we are planning to take big strides in 2022 working with our customers on our mutual aim to reduce environmental impact. Our hope and expectation is that a number of the primary fleet branding suppliers across the UK will adopt a similar stance, and if we all work on this, between us we could achieve huge progress and move a number of the UK’s big fleets towards a zero landfill status with their fleet branding.”

The recycling function is currently only available for the volume fleet users and on qualifying materials, and so Mediafleet is talking to its customers and identifying what steps can be taken and when. We are hugely grateful to Metamark who have really delivered on their promise to keep innovating and supporting us with class leading technical expertise. MetaStream presents a great opportunity for the sector in 2022 and we are looking forward to customer projects, both existing and new, which will take advantage of the benefits available.

Written By
James Parry
Head of Design