Feb 01, 2024

Witney Expands - Additional Workshop Nearing Completion & New Print Facility

Witney Expands - Additional Workshop Nearing Completion


Our additional workshop facility is almost ready, and we’re a matter of weeks away from being operational. This extra space is sorely needed for our growing branding facility at Witney, and combining this with our existing workshops will increase our working area to 25 dedicated bays. The new workshop is perfectly situated adjacent to our existing Mediafleet buildings and effectively forms a natural extension of the current works.

Commenting on the increased footprint, Managing Director Barnaby Smith pointed to the growing size of the fitting team,

We now regularly operate with 34/35 specialist installers per day, and whilst not all of our work is based at Witney, the volume of vehicles at our main site has risen dramatically in recent years. The additional space is very welcome and it’s exciting to see everything taking shape so efficiently.
Barnaby Smith - Managing Director, Mediafleet Ltd

New Print Facility Ready


Following significant investment in 2023 we’re delighted to inform our customers that our new print facility is fully operational. We’ve made significant upgrades in machinery, including twin deck large format machines, which will provide 50% more capacity than our previous generation equipment.

Long standing Mediafleet stalwart Lee Kilpin comments,

I’m as relieved as I am excited about having all of the new kit at our disposal. We’ve grown considerably in recent years and we were running at full capacity for too long during 2021 and 2022. The guys from HP were excellent and they spent a great deal of time working with us and evaluating our print activity levels. I’m confident we now have the optimum mixture of machinery, and thankfully a lot more capacity for all the work coming through!
Lee Kilpin - Print Production Operative, Mediafleet Ltd
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