Sep 15, 2021

Now this is a great design for Evander

If you’re a regular reader of the Mediafleet articles, you will have gathered by now that we are hugely enthusiastic about vehicle graphics and, more to the point, their design. Not everyone gets it right, but Evander and their marketing team certainly have with the new tranche of vehicles.

Now this is a great design

Back in January, Mediafleet was contacted by Emma Collen, marketing manager for Evander. Evander is the UK’s leading provider of glazing and locksmith services for the insurance, home emergency, facilities management and property sectors attending over 120,000 domestic and commercial properties every year.

The new additions to the fleet were due for delivery in April and Emma was eager to secure the supply of the production and application of the graphics. This first tranche of vehicles consisted of a mix of Volkswagen vehicles from Greenhous Group.

Evander’s marketing team and branding agency supplied the designs. As James Parry, head of design at Mediafleet said,

The Evander marketing teams demonstrated massive attention to detail, adjusting the position and other details on several occasions using the visuals we supply, until they were happy…and the end result is really impressive. I enjoy providing this consultative approach when there is such a determination to get it right.
James Parry - Head of Design, Mediafleet

All eighty-one vehicles have now been completed and have joined the Evander fleet.

We’re absolutely delighted with the new fleet livery and the professional, quality job that the team at Mediafleet have delivered. The new designs look great, they are impactful and exactly what we wanted.
Emma Collen - Marketing Manager, Evander
Written By
Rob Rudd
Head of Development