Feb 27, 2020

Terminix – Putting Mediafleet to the ‘test’

If you are involved in a professional services business, then you are probably aware of the power and the benefits of referrals. At Mediafleet, it is true to say that most of our new business comes from referrals from existing customer and this was certainly true in regard to our new customer – Terminix.

Equally important is the fact that when your business is referred, you are able to fulfil the job requirements. One of the most difficult tasks within vehicle graphics provisioning is the large-scale re-branding of in-fleeted vehicles on a national basis when minimising vehicle downtime is essential.

The Terminix opportunity presented Mediafleet with this set of challenges and it was important to get it right first time to avoid vehicles being off the road for long periods of time.


ServiceMaster Ltd is a long-standing customer of Mediafleet and it was through the managing director, Alan Lewin, that Mediafleet was referred to Terminix.

The Terminix brand is back in the UK as its parent company ServiceMaster has completed the purchase of Mitie Pest Control Limited’s (MPCL) national accounts, and it was at this stage that the fleet re-brand was required.

This a perfect example of how Mediafleet provides the complete end to end service via an agreed project plan. It started with Terminix providing the fleet list of vehicles and the vehicle design they required.


The first task for Mediafleet is to understand the marketing objectives of the customer, the market within which it operates, the competition branding and the messages it wishes to deliver. James Parry, head of creative design at Mediafleet asked a great many questions before adapting the vehicle graphics for presentation to the customer. After some discussion with the Terminix team, the final design for all vehicle types was agreed.

To make sure vehicle branding will really work and tick all the boxes, Mediafleet then prototyped two vehicles and thankfully Terminix were extremely pleased with the results.

At the same time as the artwork discussions are taking place, Mediafleet Operations is devising the re-brand project plan for the fitment of the new graphics to the UK fleet.

With over 190 vehicles to re-brand located throughout the UK, some logistical and operational hurdles needed to be addressed. It was impractical to bring all the vehicles to the Mediafleet complex as too much vehicle downtime would be incurred. Instead, the Terminix network was broken down geographically in to 11 hubs. Premises for graphics fitting were provided by Terminix at the Servicemaster head office in Peterborough, and Mediafleet’s workshops in Witney were used as another hub. Mediafleet then acquired nine additional fitting locations through short term letting arrangements.


Mediafleet then worked directly with Terminix regional managers to devise a schedule for fitting at each of the sites. Each driver was then given an appointment slot to have their vehicle re-branded.

During the re-brand process a completion report was provided by Mediafleet’s operations division so Terminix were fully kept in the loop at all times during the rebrand progress.

The Terminix rebrand was completed in just 6 weeks and finished up mid-January 2020.

Georgina Pulo, Terminix account manager comments “This is what vehicle branding is all about. It’s not about machinery, it’s about having a talented and hardworking fitting team that you employ, directly combined with an operations division that has ‘out of the box’, problem solving abilities and a ‘never say die’ attitude. That’s how you acquire and retain blue chip organisations, because that’s what they expect.”

Written By
Rob Rudd
Head of Development