Nov 05, 2019

Zzoomm fleet gets the Mediafleet treatment – and don’t they look good?

Zzoomm is a brand new fibre broadband provider rolling out big plans to provide faster and more reliable internet to homes and businesses across the UK; initially starting with the launch in the Henley-on-Thames area in Oxfordshire – just down the road from the Mediafleet complex in Witney.

Zzoomm was founded by Matthew Hare, Chief Executive, a veteran of the UK fibre infrastructure industry. He founded rural full fibre operator Gigaclear PLC in 2010. Matthew was Chief Executive until the takeover by Infracapital in 2018 when he stepped down.

During 2018, Matthew was recognised for his contribution to the development of full fibre networks with the award of European Fibre Executive of the Year, an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours and UK Internet Services Executive of the Year 2018.

So, we at Mediafleet are incredibly pleased to be providing vehicle graphics services to this highly respected organisation.

The launch of Zzoomm in the Henley area gave brand manager, James Richards, a few issues to overcome. Traditional ‘above the line’ media opportunities are not exactly plentiful or cheap in the Henley area, so James decided to make maximum use of his vehicles; by making the vehicle graphics as impactful and informative as possible – true mobile billboards.


James and his brand team developed exciting designs and it was left to James Parry, ‘head of design at Mediafleet’ to demonstrate what these designs would look life in real life when the vehicles were in-fleeted. Using 3D mock-ups, the design could be accurately tweaked so it represented the most effective communications platform.

The Zzoomm vehicles are a great example of a company recognising the enormous value in vehicle media utilisation.

The first tranche of vehicles was delivered to the Mediafleet complex and the vehicle graphics duly applied via the Mediafleet in-house fitting team. At the same time, the Mediafleet fitting bays were utilised by the conversion teams fitting items such as lights racking and tail-lifts etc. This allowed Zzoomm to use Mediafleet as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the pre-delivery inspection making the whole process easy and convenient.

The vehicles are now in-fleet and can be seen around the streets of Henley; I’m sure you’ll agree you can hardly fail to miss them.

Lastly, everyone at Mediafleet would like to thank Zzoomm for their LinkedIn comments concerning Mediafleet’s involvement in this project. It’s always great to get a ‘pat on the back’.

Written By
Rob Rudd
Head of Development