Jun 20, 2019

Mediafleet provides a complicated in-fleet re-brand for the newly formed MPS, part of the Mears Group

The newly named MPS, previously known as Mitie Property Services, employs more than 1,000 people and provides property services to over 30 social housing providers in the UK. In addition, the business carries out over 265,000 responsive repairs each year, along with 25,000 repairs for critical services delivered 365/24 hours a day to clients. The newly formed business meant that some 180 existing vehicles needed to be rebranded. Plus, over 220 new vehicles needed new branding.

Mediafleet excellence in Project Management put to the test.

With reference to the acquired existing vehicles – these vehicles were made up of vehicles with MPS branding and several tranches of vehicles where the dominant branding was that of the MPS client such as the Home Group, Pyramid Plus, or Golding Services.

With reference to the new vehicles, again the branding requirements comprised vehicles needing predominantly MPS branding and also vehicles where the dominant branding was to be that of the client.

So, what initially started out as a rebrand of new and existing vehicles, which can be a difficult process in its own right, was further complicated by several different branding designs being thrown into the mix.

What’s more, all of this work was to be completed across several locations across the UK.

Mediafleet was now managing batch by batch rebrands alongside new vehicle branding with new vehicles being supplied by Vauxhall at CMS Kidderminster and Ford’s PDI centre at Long Marston.

This work will culminate with some 400 vehicles on the MPS fleet made up of some 180 older vehicles and 220 new vehicles all with cohesive branding.

This demonstrates that Mediafleet can manage complex branding and re-branding programmes that many organisations would find difficult.


An example of this management expertise and flexibility is in the fact that one particular tranche of vehicles was being held at a site where the lease was finishing at the end of that week. Plus, this group of vehicles required new client branding yet to be designed and produced.Mediafleet used their nominated vehicle transporter partner and collected the vehicles before the end of the week and transported the vehicles back to the Mediafleet site at Witney.

Mediafleet has the capability to store over 300 vehicles at any one time so this wasn’t a problem. Whilst this was happening, the design and artwork was being finalised between MPS and Mediafleet. We then produced the graphics and wrapped all the vehicles in our workshops at Witney. Plus, we then provided workshop space at our Witney site for the MPS nominated converter to install the racking within the vans.

Once completed the vans were then delivered by Mediafleet to three different branches for the Home Group; Ashford, Colchester and Welwyn Garden City.

Written By
Rob Rudd
Head of Development