Over 200 livery kits per week for Europcar with just one week lead times


Vehicle Fleet


Years Working Together

The challenge

“At Europcar, we operate a vast fleet with a huge annual in-take of vehicles. In addition, the business is growing meaning the number of vehicles we are having to in-fleet is also increasing.”

Very tight lead times

Our procurement methods take advantage of market dynamics enabling us to buy competitively but this also means that the demands on our livery provider are high. The challenge for Europcar was in finding a livery provider with the necessary resource to deliver the livery kits required against very tight lead times.”

The Solution

“Mediafleet were prepared to invest in a supply partnership with Europcar, increasing their output capabilities by recruiting additional staff and purchasing additional equipment. In effect a dedicated production line for all of our graphics and livery was established at their Witney facility, and we felt confident that Mediafleet could deliver against our tight schedules whilst retaining the quality we require”.

The Outcome

“Since 2013 Mediafleet has successfully furnished Europcar with the livery we require when we require it. In some cases, the lead-time available to Mediafleet can be as short as one week but they are still able to deliver over 200 kits per week without issue.

Mediafleet continue to meet our demanding schedule and have a faultless track record”.

You can feel confident in appointing Mediafleet as your livery provider.
Chris Parrott - Fleet Procurement Analyst, Europcar UK