Jun 07, 2024

Supply Chain collaboration is the key to successful service delivery

Ryan Long of Zenith and Rob Rudd of Mediafleet take a look at how supply chain collaboration benefits the customer, and the suppliers.

Zenith is the UK’s leading independent leasing, fleet management and vehicle outsourcing business, with capabilities across all vehicle asset types. Established in 1989, Zenith now operates a fleet of around 170,000 vehicles and employs over 1,350 people. The full ‘scope of service’ is delivered via three operating divisions: Corporate, Commercial and Consumer.


Ryan: “I’ve been in vehicle supply and management for over 24 years. I joined Zenith in 2012 and I’m now Head of Light Commercial Vehicles for our Corporate Division. My team and I manage the LCV offering from supply chain management, to quote, order, and finally, delivery.“One of the most important aspects of my role is managing the relationships within the supply chain, from manufacturer and across all supply chain partners.”

Rob: “Over the last ten years or so, the Zenith/Mediafleet relationship has developed into a strong working relationship, borne out of the common desire to provide the best, high level customer service available, a critical success factor for Mediafleet and Zenith. In that time, jointly, we have provided vehicles for SSE, NG Bailey, Mears, and Greene King to name but a few.”

Ryan: “This supply chain collaboration works because of several factors aligning to deliver a high-end customer service experience. From a product/service point of view, Zenith offers a full scope of service via its operating divisions, and at the same time, we recognise that Mediafleet also offers a full scope of service in the vehicle branding arena. This means the customer can be sure of receiving the best products and services available in these sectors of the market. This, combined with an unbeatable customer service experience, leads to a satisfied customer that will remain a customer for the long term.


“We are fully aware of Mediafleet’s full complement of services and capabilities including its value-added services. For example, we make regular use of the logistics facility for vehicle movements between supply chain partners. Add to this Mediafleet’s on-site storage facility, and vehicle management is made so much easier.

“But one of the most important services, and one that is often overlooked by other vehicle livery providers, is the accident repair of vehicles. The service levels behind Mediafleet’s accident repair service are excellent which minimises vehicle off road (VOR) time for Zenith customers. It is one of the reasons our customers stay with us for the long term.

“Mediafleet is now a key player in the vehicle branding industry and we enjoy excellent relationships with the whole Mediafleet team. Communication and collaboration are established at a very high level, which is vitally important.”

Rob: Defining clear communication pathways with supply chain partners is essential in supply chain management. This aspect of service supply is often overlooked by suppliers. The fact remains that supply chain partners should feel comfortable in sharing information, raising concerns, developing ideas and providing valuable feedback – the aim is collaborative problem solving. In complex supply chain environments like ours, issues are bound to occur, however, effective collaboration will resolve the issues quickly. And that means service supply, on time and on budget, to a quality the customer will be delighted with.”


Ryan: “From a supply chain partner point of view, Mediafleet offers Zenith the level of communication necessary to deliver the levels of service Zenith and its customers expect. We’re also provided with a quality product at a competitive price, and are supported by a customer service programme that truly delivers on its promises.

Rob: “For a supply partner to ‘fit’ within the supply chain there are some essential elements. There are some obvious ‘ingredients’ like careful project planning, setting goals and measuring results. But the key factor is in being proactive and not reactive. And for that to happen, ‘easy’ communication, both internally and externally, is needed.

Ryan: “We meet regularly with Mediafleet which I believe is important. It encourages trust and an openness providing a comfortable platform to willingly discuss issues as they arise. There are no benefits in holding back information should there be issues with any aspect of the vehicle delivery process. “We will continue to introduce customers to Mediafleet as Zenith can trust the company to deliver against the targets and standards set.”

Zenith is an excellent company to do business with. Together, we have succeeded in providing thousands of vehicles to many high-profile customers. As with any supply business working at this scale, there are always some unforeseen issues that arise, but our integrated processes are such that they are resolved before disruption to the schedule, so the customer is not disadvantaged. Everyone at Mediafleet looks forward to further developing this enjoyable and rewarding relationship.
Barnaby Smith - Managing Director, Mediafleet
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