Nov 07, 2023

Zak Karrouze joins Mediafleet as Head of Customer Development.

Mediafleet continues to strengthen its team as it prepares for next stage of growth.


About Zak…

In 1987, after finishing college studying graphic design, Zak started a company called ‘Auto Art’ with his brother, supplying the South East with car graphics. He acquired the necessary equipment and over time developed skills in production and commerce. The company grew quickly and began servicing the main car dealers like Ford and Vauxhall.

Zak’s accomplishments were quickly noticed. In 2001, Zak joined Bott Ltd and established the livery function. Over a 10-year period, Zak built a very profitable livery business for Bott employing 11 staff and overseeing all elements from sales, quotation, design, production, prototyping, to final sign off.

In 2011, Zak joined Bri-Stor Systems Ltd to start an in-house livery business. Using his now tried and tested skills developed over 20 years, Zak immediately took the business forward in its first few years. In 2022, Bri-Stor became the Hex Group and after 12 years, Zak had a team of 20 staff, and had developed a significant following in the automotive supply chain.

Why was Zak so successful at developing business?

Zak has wide-ranging skills across multiple disciplines from creative design, prototyping, production, project management, and roll-out. But Zak really excels in supporting customers embarking on a vehicle graphics project.

Developing a business is about winning customers and this is done by meeting the customer’s aspirations. And to do this, you need to listen to what the customer is saying. I spend most of my time with a customer just listening to what they say and taking careful notes. I then make sure my proposal meets the requirements specified, and that I can deliver these goals against the budget and time frames.
Zak Karrouze - Head of Customer Development

Zak’s skills…

Zak has a comprehensive skill set in customer management – project planning, developing innovative service solutions, identifying potential pitfalls in the project, finding solutions to problems, reducing costs to maximise the return on investment, providing a support function that is all encompassing. This proactive approach is also combined with effective ‘reactive’ customer support. Zak says, “Proactive customer management is about listening to the customer to understand the need. I like to go one step further and provide additional benefits that the customer may not have been aware of. This makes for a worry-free project rollout for the customer. This is my true skill, plotting the route for a successful delivery of the customer goals such as price, delivery schedules, service levels, design et cetera. Should an issue arise then a positive reactive approach needs to be taken quickly to resolve the issue whatever that maybe.”

Zak made the decision to join Mediafleet Ltd…why join Mediafleet?

Zak says, “Over the years, I have been up against all the large converters in the UK. Although having never met anybody from Mediafleet, the noise within our industry was impressive. It was clear that Mediafleet had real momentum and had a different approach to the market by really focussing on the customer experience – and this really appealed to me bearing in mind my own skill set. Plus, within my circles, Barnaby Smith, the Mediafleet MD, was always talked about in high regard. He is an intelligent and polished business leader, bringing significant advantages to organisations requiring vehicle graphics.

Barney and I have discussed my new remit at length, but in short, my role is to ensure that customers engaging with Mediafleet maximise their vehicle branding opportunity, and that their Mediafleet journey is an enjoyable, trouble-free experience. In short, I demystify what can seem like a complex process for businesses requiring exciting and impactful vehicle graphics.”

Zak’s Personal Information…

Christmas is Zak’s favourite time of year, spending time at home, and cooking for friends and family.

Zak is a keen swimmer visiting the local pool whenever he has a spare moment. Zak says, “I swim most days as I need to balance the food and drink!”

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