Jul 26, 2023

Mediafleet beats annual sales record by 50%

Leading branding specialist Mediafleet has exceeded its forecasts to record a 50% year on year increase in sales revenue.


A strategy to provide more creative and design support for customers, at the same time as investing heavily in production equipment and new specialist staff saw the business capitalise on healthy demand for branding in a resurgent fleet market after the COVID pandemic.

The company found that not only did customers wish to update graphics for new factory orders, but they also pushed to change existing fleet vehicles. This meant that Mediafleet was engaged with several large projects to implement sweeping changes to the look and brand messaging across their customers’ entire fleets. During its latest financial year the number of vehicles branded by Mediafleet regularly reached 350 x per week.

Keeping our foot to the floor on buying more equipment and growing the team felt like a huge risk during 2020 and 2021, but its worked as we were in a very strong position to support our customers as soon as they started to move on their new branding initiatives. By the middle of 2022 we were fighting to keep up with what was clearly a markedly greater focus on branding across all business sectors, large and small. If you stop to consider just how hard all companies now work on their brand vision, its logical that those with vehicle fleets have grasped that this is a very fast, direct and actually low cost way to engage with their customers and the community. I still have to admit to feeling restless though, even after the busy period we have had. There is so much work for us to do, we have more customers now and we have to ensure that all of them receive the high level of service we’ve always prided ourselves on. We’ve also committed to help fleets with their sustainability goals, working with them to recycle materials where possible and this in itself is a whole new technical chapter for our market.
Barnaby Smith - Mediafleet’s Managing Director

Alongside its fast growing sales, Mediafleet is amongst a select group of graphics specialists promoting a fully recyclable branding platform for fleets, and Barnaby sees this as a key driver in the company’s continuing strong order book.

“I’m excited about the months ahead. Yes, it’s a difficult time economically for the country and things are never straightforward, but I love challenging our customers to do more with their fleet branding and we will keep focused on what we are good at. We will keep pushing forwards.”

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