Nov 09, 2022

Milk & More - Sustainable vehicle branding

Since 2017, Mediafleet has been the chosen partner for all Milk & More vehicle branding and, in that time, over 1000 vehicles have now been converted. The chosen vinyl manufacturer has always been Metamark which has performed superbly. It was therefore an easy decision for Andy Sandison, head of fleet for Milk & More, to give the go ahead for the transition to Metamark’s new material, Metacast and the recycling process called MetaStream.


Mediafleet has been using Metamark products for over 20 years and has now teamed up with Metamark to utilise the vinyl recycling process that is ‘MetaStream’.

The MetaStream Recycling Programme is a service where vinyl production waste, and the waste ‘release liner’ generated during the vinyl application, is collected by the Mediafleet fitters for recycling. At the ‘vehicle end of life’, the stripped vinyl can also be collected for recycling. The recycled vinyl is then used for the production of traffic cones and pallets.

The Three M’s for Sustainability:

Milk & More,

Mediafleet and


Barnaby said:

“As Mediafleet directly employs its own fitting team with very little use of the UK’s sub-contractor network, Mediafleet can guarantee that the waste release liner will be collected and brought back to Mediafleet’s head office and placed in the MetaStream recycling cages ready for collection and recycling.”


Andy said:

“Sustainability is a key issue for any developing company and the very nature of the Milk & More business supports this ethos. So, when Barnaby described the new MetaStream process for recycling production and application waste, and end of vehicle life vinyl, it was an easy decision to make to switch.”


Currently, Mediafleet is working in partnership with the Milk & More Fleet team in preparing for the ‘next generation’ of vehicles joining the fleet. Metacast is the chosen vinyl and Metastream will enable the recycling of all waste, carefully expedited by the Mediafleet in-house fitting team.

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