Nov 09, 2022

Driving sustainability with new recyclable vehicle graphics from Mediafleet.

Since 2005, Mediafleet has been managing the vehicle branding for the E.ON fleet ensuring impactful graphics at all times - and the story continues.

The Mediafleet support for E.ON has incorporated the full scope of Mediafleet’s services from new design development to ‘in-fleet rebrands’ to the logistical support of accident repair for vehicles working hard in the field. And now, Mediafleet is supporting E.ON with graphics for its new fleet of electric vehicles…but with a difference.

The E.ON electric vehicle transition is well under way with more than 50 vehicles already converted – and now Mediafleet has introduced a more sustainable approach to vehicle graphics for E.ON’s expanding EV fleet.

Mediafleet, working in conjunction with one of the world’s leading vinyl manufacturers, Metamark, is offering a more sustainable approach to vehicle graphics. All new electric vehicles joining E.ON’s burgeoning fleet will be adorned with recyclable vinyl material.
The benefits of this new vinyl from a sustainability perspective are as follows:

• All waste generated during the production of the graphics will be collected and separated for recycling.

• During the vinyl application, the Mediafleet vinyl fitters will collect all waste, such as the release liner or backing paper, and return this to Mediafleet factory for recycling.

• At the time of rebranding or at ‘vehicle end-of-life’ , upon request by E.ON, Mediafleet will remove the vinyl and return this to Mediafleet for recycling.


Barnaby Smith, managing director of Mediafleet said,

“We are extremely pleased to be able to offer the MetaStream service to those customers wishing to drive sustainability initiatives in a tangible way. Having our own employed fitting team means we have complete control over this service ensuring that the important element of vinyl collection on site actually happens. Mediafleet is ideally placed to return the waste vinyl to our factory for bulk collection by MetaStream as all fitters regularly return to base. This bulk collection is also better for the environment as delivery miles to the recycling centre per kilo of waste will be significantly lower than returning waste from individual fitting sites.”

Will Brandwood, E.ON’s fleet operations manager, said:

“Sustainability and taking ‘action for climate’ is at the heart of everything we do – from supporting our customers on their net zero journeys through to our own operations and the tools we use to deliver the new energy world.”

Once the vinyl has arrived at Metamark’s recycling centre, the vinyl will be given a new life as traffic cones and plastic pallets.

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