Feb 25, 2022

Medequip appoint Mediafleet to provide ‘Location Dependant Graphics’

The word on the street is that Mediafleet is providing increasingly ambitious vehicle branding solutions – and that is what ‘forward thinking’ organisations desire.

Mediafleet is rapidly garnering a reputation for successfully delivering vehicle graphics projects that for other providers may be in the ‘too difficult to do’ category. In previous news articles, the spotlight has been on Mediafleet’s commercial specialisms such as high-level supply integration, logistics capabilities, complex and disparate build programmes to name but a few. Is it a coincidence then that Mediafleet is being asked to deliver more ambitious projects more frequently?

Working with Alphabet Leasing and Modul System, Mediafleet is an integral part of the continuing Medequip fleet rebranding programme.

Medequip has a proud tradition of providing Community Equipment to assist people often at difficult times in their lives, in circumstances when their health is declining. This includes the processes of procurement, storage, delivery, installation, technical demonstration, repair and maintenance, collection, cleaning, and recycling homecare medical equipment. They have unparalleled experience in working with multi-disciplinary teams from the nursing and therapy professions, including the Health Service, Social Services, charities, and other organisations. Medequip manages over 40 CES contracts, operating out of 26 specially adapted depots across the country, covering a population of more than 18 million people.


Medequip’s large vehicle fleet of Renault Masters is undergoing a continuing brand refresh – but alongside the core Medequip identity, each vehicle also carries both regional and contract specific partner messaging. Each Medequip depot has its own unique artwork instruction to support this, thereby complicating the supply chain mechanisms, and Mediafleet has to carefully project manage installations to ensure vehicles arrive at each branch carrying the correct livery.

The process begins with Chris Woolley of Medequip defining the artwork for each location with the creative artwork department at Mediafleet. Once agreed, Peter Gaunt in Medequip operations then works with Alphabet, Modul and Mediafleet so the ‘what, who, when and where’ project management questions can be answered, and the converted vehicle delivered correctly to the right location.”

Barnaby Smith managing director of Mediafleet said, “It’s all a question of communication and coordination. Over the years, Alphabet, Modul and Mediafleet have delivered a considerable number of these ‘managed solutions,’ but there is no doubt that customers, like Medequip, are increasingly recognising the importance of maximising the vehicle branding opportunity. There is a growing need for more complex vehicle graphics, and this is where Mediafleet excel. Our in-house ‘scope of service’ covers all disciplines necessary for a successfully managed roll-out – account and project management focus, in-house resources such as creative design, high level supply chain integration”.

The Medequip rebranding process continues.

Written By
James Parry
Head of Design