Sep 16, 2021

Octopus Energy Services – Part of the Octopus Energy Group

Mediafleet - Demonstrating why customer satisfaction is generated across all aspects of the supply function.

The Mediafleet team was very pleased and incredibly proud when Octopus Energy Services – Part of the Octopus Energy Group, selected Mediafleet as their ‘vehicle branding partner’ for their new fleet of electric vehicles

The Octopus Energy Services ‘raison d’etre’ is to provide sustainable services in a professional and fair way, and I like to think Octopus Energy saw these same attributes in Mediafleet. It’s the reason we maintain long standing customer relationships in a very competitive market.
Barnaby Smith - Managing Director, Mediafleet

“The term ‘good value’ is overused and misunderstood as it is often used to mean inexpensive. Something cheap is not always good value as there are many aspects of supplying a product or service that need to combine to create ‘good value’.”

Rob Rudd, head of development at Mediafleet explains, “At Mediafleet, we ensure every aspect of service supply is analysed so that the end result is delivered to customer expectations. Every process from material procurement through to vehicle logistics through to vinyl application is investigated constantly to see if any improvements can be made. It is this attention to detail that gives Mediafleet the competitive edge.”


The Octopus Energy Services vehicle branding utilised many of Mediafleet’s specialist services; the wrap design and application were of a fairly technical nature, vehicles arrived at port and were immediately transported to Mediafleet’s facility at Witney utilising Mediafleet’s logistics ability, and once wrapped, the vehicles were transported to Modul System for the final conversion. The process highlights the high level of supply integration available to customers. Once converted the vehicles were delivered to the customer.

Value chain analysis is important for any business so the profit can be maximised, but businesses often forget that the same process diligence benefits the customer in terms of high levels of satisfaction.
Rob Rudd - Head of Development, Mediafleet

Barnaby said, “The Octopus Energy Services vehicles provided a platform for Mediafleet to demonstrate the breadth of our scope of service. The vehicles look really striking and were all delivered on time, in full. I look forward to working with Octopus Energy on the next tranche.”

Written By
Rob Rudd
Head of Development