Sep 14, 2021

Home shopping growth changing attitude to vehicle branding, reports Mediafleet

Massive growth in home shopping during the pandemic has highlighted a noticeable shift in fleet attitudes to commercial vehicle branding, reports Mediafleet.

Businesses are increasingly realising that the vans from which their products are delivered are now potentially one of the most visible and effective marketing tools of the customer experience – and are investing more time, effort and resources in ensuring that the vehicle projects the right image, said Barnaby Smith, managing director.

The last 18 months have created a situation where a smaller number of people are stepping into retail stores, and instead satisfying their shopping needs from home
Barnaby Smith - Managing Director, Mediafleet

“For companies that place a high degree of importance on their image, this means ensuring that the home shopping experience reinforces their brand values and the delivery vehicle is part of this, along with factors such as the packing materials used and their online presence.

“Delivery from a vehicle that has strong and creative branding is a priority for a growing number of fleets. The last 12 months have been our most successful ever as a company and this trend is one of several that have driven that accomplishment.”

Simon Mellin, Founder & CEO at The Modern Milkman said “Distinguishable branding that is creative and memorable allows the brand to be visible to more people. We’re on a mission to reduce waste, particularly plastic waste, through return & reuse grocery delivery. For us to help make real, tangible change in the world, we need sustainable lifestyle choices to be convenient and accessible to all – lots of small changes add up to be part of the solution, but we can only do this if there’s awareness of our brand. Mediafleet’s help with our fleet branding will continue to help spread our message and get even more people involved”.


Barnaby said that Mediafleet was increasingly being asked to work closely with the marketing departments of its customers in recognition of this trend.

“This is part of a longer term shift but the days when we were asked to simply find an interesting way of applying a company logo to a vehicle are now part of the past.

“What we are seeing more and more is a recognition that the branding of vehicles is a strong marketing opportunity that can be used to not just build and reinforce image but also to carry sophisticated messages about products and services.

“This is perhaps especially the case for new entrants into the home shopping sector where delivery from a creatively branded vehicle is a genuine differentiator from having your products delivered by just another white van.

“As part of this, we are now very much a design company ourselves as well as a vinyl production ad application specialist and indeed, have just further increased our in-house design capability with additional personnel.”

Barnaby added that this home retail branding trend was very much part of a general shift towards an increasing degree of professionalism being applied to processes surrounding the onboarding of fleet vans.

About Mediafleet

Mediafleet is one of the country’s leading fleet livery and branding specialists. With an expanding central printing and manufacturing facility at Witney, Oxford, and a graphics application team with perhaps an unrivalled level of experience in the industry, the company has developed an advanced range of livery and vehicle branding products to cater for all large national fleet networks, whatever their requirements.

Building on Mediafleet’s core vehicle wrapping expertise, the company has grown its vehicle-related business by learning to understand the complexities and requirements of every unique fleet. By listening to prospective clients’ needs, Mediafleet provides a bespoke approach to each new customer. The company’s adherence to that basic principle has enabled it to develop successful vehicle branding campaigns for nearly 20 years.

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Written By
Barnaby Smith
Managing Director