Jul 21, 2021

Mediafleet & Modern Milkman

Implementing a range of graphics for the new fleet of vehicles

Some nine months ago, our friends at CoolKit, and in particular the managing director Rupert Gatty, introduced us to the business that is, Modern Milkman. Since then, Mediafleet has worked with the Modern Milkman marketing team to develop and implement a range of graphics for the new fleet of vehicles.

With Fiat providing the vehicles, CoolKit providing the specialist body conversion, and Mediafleet providing the branding, this another example of successful supply integration.


In December 2020, Mediafleet published the article looking at the factors that make up successful solution provisioning in vehicle graphics supply. The article focussed on the five important elements:

Empathy – Understanding the wants and needs of the customer

Challenging the Norm – Working with the customer to generate new and exciting ideas

Debate – A two-way discussion of the merits of the proposed designs

Prototype and Test – Seeing the vehicle ‘in the flesh’ to make sure it will work from a marketing perspective

Deliver – Applying the graphics and producing the vehicles in association with the other suppliers in the chain.

Read the full article here.


Nicky Hodgkins Cook, Chief Marketing Officer at Modern Milkman, and the brand team, decided that the in-house original designs for the Modern Milkman vehicles were not dynamic enough. This drive for excellence resulted in the team working in conjunction with James Parry, Head of Design at Mediafleet, to create new concepts for discussion.

A range of new ideas were developed and eventually three designs were chosen

The rear billboard concept works really well with each design confirming the marketing message ‘loud and clear’.

Mediafleet then set about producing the graphics at its Witney production facility. Mediafleet’s in-house application team then started applying the graphics at CoolKit’s Burnley facility. To date, 125 vehicles have been in-fleeted with another 250 vehicles to be completed over the summer.


Barnaby Smith commented, “This has been a great project to be involved in for a number of reasons. The full scope of Mediafleet services has been utilised. We worked closely with the brand team at Modern Milkman to develop some great designs. Plus, we are proud to be supporting an organisation that is helping with environmental issues. Cutting down on plastic usage is hugely important and we fully endorse the Modern Milkman philosophy”.

Written By
Barnaby Smith
Managing Director