May 07, 2021

Innovative Zipcar continues to push Mediafleet to deliver best practice

Mediafleet has been supporting the Zipcar branding programme for over nine years now and it is certainly true that the past offers a useful guide in project planning.

Regardless of the market in which a company operates, for any company to succeed it must successfully deliver against the customer’s expectations. For Mediafleet, ‘project planning and delivery’ is a key differentiator and a critical success factor for the business.


Earlier this year, Zipcar once again engaged with Mediafleet to brand the latest tranche of vehicles joining the fleet. The nature of the Zipcar in-fleeting programme presents some interesting challenges that require project planning excellence – and nine years of experience.

Barnaby Smith, managing director of Mediafleet explains, “Once we have received details of the latest fleet roll-out objectives from the Zipcar team, the project planning sessions are concerned with delivering tangible outputs; initially, the ‘What and How’ of the project. The ‘What’ focusses on the project objectives – the vehicle numbers, locations, and the time frames involved. Any discussion after we have gained this understanding is concerned with ‘How’ we will deliver these Zipcar objectives. These ‘How’ considerations are principally concerned with identifying and ensuring the necessary resource is in place to deliver the objectives. This ultimately progresses to planning discussions concerning the ‘Who’ and the ‘When’. Knowing what is required, who is to perform certain tasks, how they are to be performed, and when the events should be scheduled, allows my managers to organise and convey these activities to the team in an efficient manner.”

The latest Zipcar in-fleeting programme was the usual complex mix of various vehicle types branded differently according to the role of the vehicle. For example, the van fleet branding is different to that adorning cars – and the cars differ according to whether they are ‘Round Trip’ vehicles or ‘Flex’ vehicles.


Zipcar source vehicles from different manufacturers meaning that vehicle branding locations vary – some vehicles being branded at ‘port of entry’ while others are shipped to Mediafleet’s facility at Witney.

Barnaby said, “Once the vehicles are available, Zipcar expect a logistically crisp in-fleeting programme and there is little room for error. High volumes of different vehicle types at different locations that are to be delivered to multiple Zipcar sites around the whole of the London area – all against very tight deadlines. It’s a useful that we know what to expect!”

Definitely a remarkable company when it comes to quality and quantity at very tight deadlines – A thriving nine year partnership with Mediafleet!
Bhavnha Kanaram - Infleet & Defleet Manager, Zipcar

Barnaby commented, “At Mediafleet, we are very proud to be associated with the success of the Zipcar brand. Zipcar is the world’s leading car sharing club providing on-demand access to cars by the minute, hour or the day in cities around the world. I am looking forward to the next nine years and the challenges that supporting this progressive brand entails.”

Written By
Barnaby Smith
Managing Director