May 07, 2021

Crown Paints – Demonstrating the benefits in the use of colour in vehicle branding

Advertising has evolved over time with an exponential leap in complexity since the advent of the digital age. But the basic rules governing successful promotion have not changed – although sometimes ignored.

I was having a conversation with my colleague and Mediafleet’s managing director, Barnaby Smith, when he mentioned that Mediafleet is increasingly being asked for advice on ‘branding design’ and in particular, the ‘use of colour’. This just happened to coincide with Crown Paints engaging, once again, with Mediafleet to brand forty new additions to the Crown Paints fleet. The Mercedes Vito vans are currently in the process of being adorned with the new designs which are striking and memorable mainly because of the effective use of colour.


Is the use of colour really that important?

Designers and marketers have always known that the use of colour is a powerful tool when attempting to convey a message to your target audience. Clearly, text will give the reader the relevant and important content, but colour delivers something which is arguably more important. It ‘plays’ with the audience psyche to deliver a ‘feeling’ about what they are seeing, Plus, colour is a mechanism which provides powerful recall.

With regard to vehicle branding, we know that there is a simple innate process that takes place when a person views a vehicle on the road. Initially, the ‘eye’ will notice the colour, this is followed by a ‘recall’ process, followed by a ‘check’ process. So, if the vehicle is perhaps light blue in colour, the mind may associate that immediately with say, ‘British Gas’. The conscious mind then ‘checks’ to see if the assumption is right by checking the logo or the text. If you see a red can of drink, your mind will immediately think of Coco Cola and the conscious mind checks the logo to make sure your assumption is correct. Even if the colours are not on a product or building and are in total isolation, the mind will assume which brand it represents. In a recent survey, 67% of people recognised the blue and yellow pantones of the Ikea branding without any associated text or imagery.
James Parry - Head of Design, Mediafleet

Colour means Recall = Affirmation & Recognition

Research has demonstrated that the use of colour can increase your audience’s recall of your brand by up to 80%.

Colour and Emotion – How Colours Can Speak for You.

The use of colour can also say a great deal about the type of organisation you are and the message you want to deliver – without the use of any text. The emotional impact of colour is a technique designers have used since colour advertising was possible.

Great design work for brand creation is not based on what looks good, but the feeling the brand evokes.

For example, the Crown Paints vehicles are predominantly black in colour. Black is used by companies that wish to promote a certain sophistication and works particularly well with upmarket products. It evokes prestige, timelessness, seriousness and value.


There is the excellent use of yellow and orange. Yellow conjures up thoughts of the sun and therefore of hope and optimism, and combined with the orange, delivers a feeling of excitement.

Blue is probably the most commonly used colour in branding and for good reason. This gives people confidence by relaxing them as it probably reminds them subconsciously of the sky and the sea. It is used to depict trustworthiness and dependability.

Barnaby commented, “What I really like about the Crown Paints branding is how the graphics depict the ‘crown’ in the logo, but also a paint splash. That combined with the use of colour makes for a memorable brand.”


We Are Here to Help.

Mediafleet is a vehicle branding specialist employing serious designers and marketers to make sure your brand is effective in promoting your company awareness and the messages you want to deliver. Regardless of your market area, we are happy to advise and work with you to maximise the effectiveness of your vehicle branding – all in line with your brand strategy.

We live in the digital age where many marketers thought that the subsequent marketing opportunities would be the ‘nail in the coffin’ for traditional media. This is not the case. Traditional media such as ‘out of home’ advertising (including vehicle media) is playing an equally important role in delivering your brand values and marketing messages.

Mediafleet would like to thank Crown Paints for allowing us to use their vehicle branding as the topic for this article. It’s Not Just Paint – It’s Personal | Crown Paints

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Written By
Rob Rudd
Head of Development