Jan 28, 2021

In a Rapidly Developing Market, Integrated Working is Key

The automotive market will see more changes in the next ten years than in the previous hundred years, and business success will be based not just on your own abilities but those of others in the supply chain.

The foundation stone for business growth is a good product/service, good customer services and an effective marketing and sales plan. Organisations, however, can do more to strengthen their offering and position in their given market by developing strong commercial relationships.

The automotive supply chain is a diverse affair with multiple organisations combining to provide the customer with the finished product. In these conditions developing strong working relationships is key as it is more difficult to achieve your share of the viable market when you are promoting yourself in isolation. A catering company and a florist may be an example of a working strategic relationship and is an example of a ‘horizontal network’.

Horizontal Networks

The automotive market is a classic example of a ‘horizontal network’ where companies are not in competition with other supply chain organisations as the products/services they offer are different. This enables organisations to form relationships which offers up many benefits – to both the suppliers and the customer.

Mediafleet and Coolkit – a Developing Relationship

It is the norm for businesses to focus on the essentials of promotion but maybe the most cost-effective promotional tool is that of developing ‘quality business relationships’.

CoolKit is a specialist manufacturer of temperature-controlled vehicles, recognised for delivering innovative solutions and industry leading payload. Established in 2005, CoolKit is now considered the UK’s market leader in this field; with products covered by every vehicle manufacturer accreditation. As such, CoolKit is able to offer a wide range of solutions to meet customers’ sector specific needs.

In the spring of 2020, Mediafleet and CoolKit joined forces to win a contract to convert over 400 vehicles for a large retail pharmaceutical organisation. At the time of writing, 220 vehicles have been completed with a further 224 vehicles scheduled for this year.

For Mediafleet, this was a referral from CoolKit and is an example of a strategic relationship working to provide a blue-chip organisation with a ‘one stop shop’ conversion solution to the highest standards.

Everyone in the chain benefits. The client benefits as the conversion is a success – delivered on time and in-full.

CoolKit benefit as they not only acquire the work but has benefited from an increased reputation as the referral was a success. This promotes trust which in turn helps maintain happy customers.

Mediafleet benefit as it secures the current graphics contract for blue chip client and is in a good position to acquire further business.

Clearly, any leads regarding refrigeration conversion will be passed to CoolKit from Mediafleet going forward.

Mediafleet has an ‘adaptive’ approach to working with 3rd party organisations. Team and system integration are crucial and Mediafleet has worked hard to ensure its processes and procedures can be adapted to fit the working methods of partner organisations.

Mediafleet has a successful track record in integrating with finance institutions such as leasing companies, as well as vehicle converters, dealers, manufacturers, consultants, to name but a few.

It is the norm for businesses to focus on the essentials of promotion but maybe the most cost-effective promotional tool is that of developing ‘quality business relationships’.

Written By
Barnaby Smith
Managing Director