Dec 16, 2020

Mediafleet Delivering ‘Vehicle Graphics Solutions’ for the UK’s Automotive Supply Chain

Mediafleet’s service provisioning model is exactly the same for direct customers as it is for fellow supply organisations – as is the case supporting Modul Systems with the Wales & West Utilities conversion programme.

In a difficult market all suppliers must look to adding ‘real’ value to the supply chain, above that of the competitors, in order to secure the most rewarding contracts. Price is always a consideration, but this unstable approach can be undermined easily leading to churn.

The best suppliers develop relationships based on value and, more importantly, consistent delivery of the stated value.

In March, Mediafleet received a ‘request for proposal’ from one of the UK’s leading vehicle converters – Modul System UK (formerly Tevo). Modul had secured a supply contract with the utility provider, Wales & West Utilities, and was searching for the right graphics supply partner.

“We are always happy to be offered the opportunity to support the converters and we have worked with Modul on many occasions over many years. Our approach is always the same regardless of the source of the enquiry and Modul’s RFP gave us the opportunity to re-iterate the benefits of our market leading service levels.”
Barnaby Smith - Managing Director of Mediafleet

Following the RFP submission and subsequent project delivery discussions, Modul System UK awarded Mediafleet the graphics provisioning contract for the Wales & West Utilities contract.

Barnaby said, “It’s gratifying to know that although Modul could have chosen any UK livery supply partner, they chose Mediafleet to fulfil the graphics conversion for this prestigious account.”

“We are always impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism of Mediafleet. They work hard to ensure that the end result is the best that it can be. I look forward to working with Mediafleet in the future.”
Andy Gear - Sales & Marketing Director of Modul System Ltd

The conversion programme is well underway with phase 1 seeing 140 vehicles converted and adorned with the new vehicle graphics. The application of the graphics took place at the Modul complex in High Wycombe – the graphics comprising a fairly intricate design and partial wrap, together with the appropriate safety markings.


The second phase is now underway currently and to date over 80 vehicles have been completed.

Barnaby said, “We always enjoy working Modul as they have the same fastidious approach to project management to ensure customer satisfaction. This is the formula for customer retention and business success. I look forward to working with Modul in the future.”

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