Jan 30, 2020

We’ve got the ‘Power’ – with Western Power Distribution

During 2019, Western Power Distribution invited Mediafleet to take part in their tender process to source a new vehicle graphics partner. I am very pleased to announce that Mediafleet has now signed the contract to supply Western Power Distribution for the next three years.


The detailed bid process involved Mediafleet demonstrating our creativity, production capacity and service level capability which clearly met with the approval of Western Power Distribution.

After the subsequent meetings, Mediafleet developed a ‘Product Specification Catalogue’ detailing design and pricing against each of the vehicle types within the fleet. The catalogue also described the after-sales care programme for damaged vehicles being repaired through the network of Western Power Distribution body shops.


We are now receiving large volume orders for the graphics and chapter 8 safety markings from Western Power Distribution and these are being applied at their nominated specialist converters. We have already provided nearly three hundred graphics kits and the anticipated volume will run into several thousand vehicles over the next few years.


In addition, Western Power Distribution is now developing its fleet of electric vehicles using Renault and Nissan vehicles. These vehicles have different, more complex graphics. Initially, Western Power Distribution sent the designs through to the Mediafleet creative team who worked with them to maximise the effectiveness of the vehicle branding. This was done with the help of 3D mock-ups which help designers visualise how the vehicles will look in real life. The designs have now been approved and we are busy manufacturing the first tranche of electric vehicle graphics.

Barnaby Smith, Mediafleet MD says, “The Western Power Distribution contract really demonstrates Mediafleet’s ability to respond to corporate demands for creativity, flexibility and speed of response in delivering volumes of this scale.”

Written By
Rob Rudd
Head of Development