Jan 20, 2020

Orangebox – January is looking ‘bright’!

We are very pleased that Orangebox has remained a Mediafleet customer for over four years now especially as they have a requirement to completely change the white factory colour of the vehicles to that of the vibrant orange, with which we are all familiar - this really does play to and highlight Mediafleet’s strengths.


Orangebox has chosen Northgate as their preferred vehicle resourcing partner, and vehicles arrive directly to the Mediafleet complex from the manufacturer. There is a mix of vehicles to be converted including Sprinters, Ford Custom vehicles and Luton box vehicles; this tranche totalling around twenty-five vehicles.

Being a full wrap and therefore labour intensive, it is this type of contract that would seem daunting to livery providers with only a small fitting team and having to rely, to some extent, upon the sub-contractor fitting network. Mediafleet has no reliance upon the third-party fitters choosing instead to directly employ applicators to meet the fitting needs of the business. This ensures accurate scheduling, so vehicles are ready on time. Plus, the wrap is completed to exacting standards by highly trained and accredited applicators meaning the quality of the fitting is unsurpassed.

Plus, Mediafleet’s complex at Witney has the necessary number of workshops and storage space to ensure the conditions are suitable for this type of wrap.


The tranche of twenty-five vehicles are being completed during the month of January ready for delivery at the end of the month. This will form part of a conversion programme in January of over 200 wrapped vehicles and over 300 vehicles requiring cut graphics, all completed by Mediafleet applicators both at Witney and conversion centres across the UK.

Written By
Rob Rudd
Head of Development