Dec 13, 2019

Mediafleet - Customer Service Award Winner at the Lex Autolease Annual Supplier Focus Day

It is always a pleasure to attend the Lex Autolease annual supplier awards given that the ceremony is such an exciting and professional event. This year, however, it became even more exciting as Mediafleet was awarded the 'Customer Service Award 2019'


The event was attended by 154 suppliers all hoping to receive recognition for innovation and service excellence – in other words, those companies willing and able to go the extra mile.

We all work extremely hard at Mediafleet to ensure that our customers’ perception of Mediafleet is always positive, so to be recognised by Lex Autolease is an amazing ‘pat on the back’ for the whole team.

So, this is for all of us, every one of us in the business because, contrary to popular belief, good customer service comes from every single strand of a company.

Written By
Rob Rudd
Head of Development