Oct 15, 2019

Mediafleet – Taking Aim!

Mediafleet has been servicing the needs of Aim Logistics Ltd for nearly ten years. It has been a pleasure to watch the company grow considerably since then to where it is now with over seventy temperature-controlled vehicles, transporting goods all over the UK from its base in Evesham, Warwickshire.

The fleet mainly includes articulated vehicles with multi temperature trailers enabling them to distribute split temperature loads and offer customers greater flexibility. They also have 7.5 tonne express vehicles available for urgent consignments.

Aim Logistics recently approached Mediafleet stating that it is there fifteenth anniversary in 2019 and they were wanting to design and introduce a new vehicle design to celebrate that fact.

James Parry, Head of Design at Mediafleet immediately sprang into action.

Using the brief from the Aim Logistics managing director, Ismail Elmagdoub, as a guide, James decided to enhance the current design and incorporate the anniversary message. After some discussion and amendments, Ismail approved the mock-ups that James presented and there now six tractors and trailers receiving the special edition anniversary wrap.

This is another example of how Mediafleet can take a design ambition from a customer, understand the marketing message, design and provide visuals that can be discussed and manipulated, to eventually generate graphics that fully meet the customer needs.

I’m sure you will agree that the Aim Logistics anniversary graphics really ‘hit’ the mark.

Written By
Rob Rudd
Head of Development