Sep 26, 2019

Mediafleet providing flexibility for G4S

At Mediafleet, we pride ourselves on our end-to-end service provisioning backed up by robust operational procedures…and recently that has been tested by a new customer, G4S



Mediafleet is a preferred supplier of Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions and as such, we were approached by specification engineer Ade O’Connor from the Specialist Asset Team to support one of Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions customers. Mediafleet has been providing vehicle graphics to another of Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solution’s corporate clients, SSE, so they are well aware of the Mediafleet capability.

The nature of the G4S fleet means that any graphics supplier is going to have to be ‘quick on their feet’ in order to meet the demands of such a large fleet. The vehicles are a mix of makes and models, the graphics can vary and some vehicles need to be fitted by Mediafleet, whereas others are fitted by the supplying dealer. Some graphics are fairly simple whereas others are more complex. Plus, this is a national requirement meaning total UK coverage is required.

The brief from Ade O’Connor was to manage the artwork, produce the graphics, dispatch as necessary to the dealers or make fitters available as and when they are required, anywhere in the country; and all this at pre-agreed rates so that all fitting jobs are against a pre-agreed pricing schedule and service level agreement.



At the time of writing, we have now completed some seventy vehicles across the UK most with the simple but effective G4s standard graphics. I am pleased to report that all vehicles have been completed on time and to the standards expected by Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions and G4S. Plus, we are now working on twenty-five Toyota Yaris which have arrived for in-fleeting but missing the tinted glass required from the manufacturer. Ade asked if we could help with this and we are currently bringing these vehicles up to the specification required.

We look forward to the next tranche of vehicles – whatever graphics they require.

Written By
Rob Rudd
Head of Development