Jun 27, 2019

Europcar Mobility Group UK launches new designs for Europcar branded fleet

Exciting times at Europcar Mobility Group UK which has completed the designs for the new fleet graphics for the Europcar van and bus fleet graphics.

And Mediafleet is immensely proud to be involved, yet again, in this major branding project.

The new look focuses on the Europcar brand’s  extensive and exciting range of new services, with seven new designs. James Parry, Head of Design at Mediafleet, has been busy working with the branding team at Europcar Mobility Group UK  to make sure that the new designs ‘work’ across the range of vehicles chosen for the fleet.

Europcar approved all the artwork submitted by James and furnished Mediafleet with the roll-out plan. This plan detailed which vehicles at which locations will receive which branding.

Mediafleet is now nearing completion of a busy production run and has met all the agreed timescales. This will result in Mediafleet having produced some 1,500 branding kits for the Europcar fleet in seven different designs and all destined for nominated locations across the UK.


Chantelle Jeremiah, Brand Manager at Europcar Mobility Group UK  said: “We are always impressed with the seemingly ‘relative ease’ with which Mediafleet approach and deliver what we require, when we require it. Yet again, Mediafleet has demonstrated tremendous organisational, production and logistical efficiency”.

Written By
Rob Rudd
Head of Development