Meet Barnaby Smith – Joint Managing Director

“I am very proud of the way my team approach the day to day tasks within the business. Each department head is given the responsibility and control they need to properly lead their part of the business. The end result is that Mediafleet is able to provide your company with a comprehensive service where all aspects are delivered reliably and efficiently.

Our Reputation is built on the back of consistent delivery to exacting standards. You can be assured that your brand will be presented correctly and in line with your branding guidelines. We know the importance of correct brand interpretation for the life of the vehicle.

If you have any questions just give me a call or drop me a line.”  

Barnaby Smith – 01544 318799 /



Meet James Parry - Designer

“My role at Mediafleet is to ensure your brand looks professional and delivers your brand values. I really enjoy creating new brand concepts and working with you to develop something new and exciting. I also work with existing brand guidelines and adapt as necessary for vehicle fleets of all descriptions. Once agreed I’ll create the actual artwork for production.

Another important aspect of my role is producing the repair parts for damaged vehicles. Our pledge to you, the customer, is that our repair graphics will be at your designated repairers within 48 hours of your first contact which means that I have to produce these within 24 hours.


This is a quick turnaround but we understand the importance of getting the vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

If you want to know more then give me a call – I’m happy to help.”  

James Parry - 01993 772525



Meet Barry John – Production Manager

"Our 40,000 sq ft production facility in Witney, Oxfordshire is home to the latest vinyl processing technology which ensures we can meet your deadlines and produce vehicle graphics that will look amazing for the life of the vehicle.

Our Print Room houses four ‘state of the art’ Hewlett Packard Latex Printers. Latex ink technology is the ‘go to’ industry standard having virtually replaced old solvent ink systems. Latex technology is more versatile, has a wide colour palette and is better for the environment. Plus, the vinyl can be used straight after printing - old solvent print needed 12 hours to 'gas off' and cure before lamination. Latex eradicates this waiting time allowing for a far more efficient workflow and quicker turnaround times.

Our Production Room houses our Seal 62 Pro S Hot/Cold Laminator – this is an industry leader laminator. Seal are known for being best in the business. Also in our Production Room we have the Summa T & F Series cutters. These will cut the vinyl ready for application. They are industry standard, heavy duty machines.

All equipment is serviced in line with the manufacturers' recommendations so downtime is limited and production time optimised.

Any questions then give me a call.”



Meet Scott Hawkins - Head Fitter

Arguably, I have the most important job at Mediafleet as Mediafleet can’t bill you, the customer, unless you are 100% happy.

To make sure that happens, I’m involved in all aspects of the process from design input and material selection to the actual fitting. For example, other organisations will cut corners by using vinyl that is not fit for the job just because it’s cheaper. At Mediafleet we only use the correct material meaning the standard of application is higher and the long term resilience is better. This means less vehicle downtime and less corruption of your brand. There is nothing worse than seeing poorly applied graphics or graphics that are peeling, blistering or faded. I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen to your branding.

Part of my remit is to make sure the team is fully trained and kept up to date with new materials as they become available. We are always looking for new fitters as the business continues to grow. If you’ve got what it takes and want to become a fully trained Mediafleet fitter then give us a call.”




Accounts Team

Mediafleet is noticing that the wrap and livery aspect of the fleet conversion process is increasingly becoming the most labour intensive ex-factory component, with telematics, simple ply lining fit outs, and furniture, such as beacons and cameras, taking up less time ‘per unit’ to install.


As a result, certain fleets are choosing Mediafleet’s Witney Facility, which has a dealer destination code, to house its vehicle conversion programmes. Mediafleet is able to host a customer’s designated 3rd party suppliers, or indeed, provide and manage these services in house.